Vyatta Firewall

At Bluemile we have two different types of firewall for our bCloud. One is Cisco FWSM, and the other is Vyatta.

This page is meant for those using the Vyatta.

Firewall can be accessed via VM in your cloud (by SSH-ing into the firewall IP address), or via vCloud Director console.

Your firewall IP address is usually the first available Public IP of your external subnet within a VLAN, so if your internal subnet is 68.68.x.1/29, your firewall would be on 68.68.x.1 address.

Make sure that the VM you are trying to access the firewall from has it's network configured.

Your firewall username and password are given to you by Bluemile in the initial welcome email, and should be something like BIDXXYYZZ.

Logging into your firewall

Start up Putty and initiate a connection to your firewall IP, or if on a Linux machine, type ssh <username>@<yourFirewallIP> (example: ssh BIDXXYYZZ@

When asked for password, type it in. You are now logged into your firewall.

Vyatta Full Documentation

Working with Vyatta

Please note: We are currently working hard to provide our own documentation for your reference. This is currently a work in progress. Please check back more for more information.


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