Enabling On-Line Remote Access Support

If our engineers need to connect remotely to troubleshoot an issue, please follow these steps to enable Remote Support on the problematic machine.

If you already have TeamViewer installed on your machine, you may provide us with the ID and Password instead.

Download WOW! Business Quick Support App

Download Link: http://get.teamviewer.com/wowbiz

You simply need to run the app, there is no “installer” involved.

Run the WOW! Business Quick Support App

Once downloaded, run the Application, and you will see a screen similar to the screenshot below.

Simply enter your name, and a short description.

Contact Support

Email support@bluemilenetworks.com or dial +1-614-410-2501 choosing option 1 for support, and tell them you're using our On-Line Support App.

They should see your machine in our Support Queue right away.

Please stand by to approve Remote Access once engineer requests it.

Thank you!

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