BigIP F5 Load Balancers

If you require Load Balancing capabilities, Bluemile offers BigIP's F5 Load Balancers.

These are multi-tenanted and each user gets their own partition. To log into the load balancer web portal, simply go to and log in with your username (usually BIDXXYYZZ) and the password that was handed over to you.

Here's How To Configure the Load Balancer to balance HTTP and HTTPS traffic between 3 machines


  • Public IP we'll use for our web traffic that is to be load balanced: XXX.YYY.ZZZ.123
  • Private IPs of the virtual machines that will get the traffic:, .11 and .12
  • A Static NAT needs to be created on your Firewall to access load balanced servers from outside


We'll assume you are logged into your Load Balancer at this point.

Create Local Nodes

  • Expand Local Traffic | Nodes

  • Create…
  • Enter Load Balancing Cluster Node information
    • Note: Each Node represents a private server to be load balanced

  • Repeat for and
  • Finished

Create Local Traffic Pools

  • Expand Local Traffic | Pools
  • Create…
  • Configuration = Basic
  • Set a Name for the Pool
  • Add any Health Monitors (e.g., http, https for Web traffic)

  • Select Load Balancing Method

  • New Members | Node List | Add

  • Repeat for Each Server in Load Balance Cluster
  • Finished

Create Virtual Servers

  • Expand Local Traffic | Virtual Servers
  • Create…
  • Give Virtual Server a Name
  • Select Host
  • Set IP address (make sure address does not ping)
  • Set Configuration Settings
  • Select Default Pool under Resources

  • Finished
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