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On this page you will be able to find the instructions on how to configure SNMP on Windows Server 2008 R2 (not much different on any other version of Windows).

Setting up SNMP on Windows Server 2008 R2

1) Open up the Server Manager application, click on Features, and then Add Features button.
The feature we're looking for is under SNMP Services. Check the box next to SNMP Service.

If you want to get Windows statistics and more granular OS / Hardware info - you could set up SNMP WMI Provider, but for most purposes, the default SNMP Service should be enough.

Follow the prompts and continue installing via the Setup wizard.

2) Now let's configure SNMP. Open up the Run dialog (Start Menu –> Run) and launch services.msc

3) Find the SNMP Service and open it's properties

4) Under Traps tab, enter the Community Name provided to you by Bluemile, and click on Add to List

5) Under Trap Destinations click on Add

6) Enter the Bluemile Monitor Server hostname (as we provided), or your local collector appliance IP address

7) Head to Security tab and click on Add for a new community name

8) Choose Read Only and enter the same Community Name as in step 4 (the one we provided you with)

9) Click OK to confirm the SNMP Property changes, and then restart the SNMP service

Unless you have some very strict Firewall rules (which you should check) - your SNMP info and traps are now being sent to Bluemile Monitoring Appliance.

Use your login credentials provided in the welcome email, and check your dashboard for any alerts, etc.

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